Improving Customer Support with Videos


Customer support is essential to gaining and retaining loyal customers, and videos are integral to this process. From expanding your knowledge base to assisting customer onboarding, videos simplify every process making it efficient & effective. 

Most customers seek prompt resolution to problems, and videos are the quickest way to service them and receive positive customer feedback. You can efficiently answer every question and educate customers more about your products and services.

Why do you need customer support videos?

It’s a well-established fact that customers prefer a video to solve an issue rather than speak to a customer service professional. According to a report by PwC, 42% of customers are willing to shell out 16% more for a product that comes with a user-friendly and interactive interface.

Customer support videos have always been essential to any sales professional or marketer’s tool kit. Nothing comes closer to videos when it comes to explaining complex information and offering quick resolution of issues. It’s high time customer support understood importance of the videos and included them in customer interactions wherever useful.

Unique benefits of customer support videos

If you are looking at establishing individual connections between your customer support team and clients, use more videos in their interactions. It’s the most straightforward and cheapest strategy to build a loyal customer base and help them know that you care about them. Here are some unique benefits of customer support videos:

  • Prompt resolutions: Answer the customer’s questions faster and reduce resolution time and costs.
  • Guide customers better: Videos help minimize tickets by letting customers resolve issues themselves.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction: Create a unique customer experience by elevating the support process.
  • Retain more customers: Videos make consumers feel they are heard and cared for, often resulting in customer delight. 

How to improve support with videos 

Let’s look at how you can enhance and personalize customer support with the help of videos:

Benefits of Customer Support Videos

1. Enhance customer onboarding with videos

Make the process of educating customers about a new product, a feature or service with videos. A set of pre-recorded videos can help you bring customers on-board seamlessly. Videos make the onboarding process a breeze, from the initial setup process to educating customers about the key product features. You end up with customers who are invested in the product and are likely to promote and recommend it to others. 

2. Create a Video Knowledge Base

Why would customers read complex guides and manuals if they have the option to watch videos that explain everything in sufficient details? Vital to creating a knowledge-centered service (KCS) methodology, videos can help you build your knowledge base in the following ways:

  • Setting up accounts: Handhold customers through setting up their accounts with the help of video guides. 
  • FAQs with a twist: Create video FAQs for the customers’ reference to avoid more tickets and customer care calls. 
  • Troubleshooting: Aid customer self-service and resolution with pre-recorded videos that give simple and easy-to-follow instructions. 

3. Resolve Customer Complaints with Videos

We just mentioned how you could troubleshoot and resolve customer woes with video support. Every time a customer calls on your support team, share a screen recording video along with a textual response. Simple video-based demos can promptly resolve complex issues. Here’s a list of tools to help you deal with customer woes: 

Pre-recorded videos

A great way to reduce or eliminate calls, emails, and chat support is to replace them with pre-recorded videos. Record your screen directly and share with the customers the steps to follow. Such videos also allow customers to replay them in case they can’t follow any particular instruction.

Live video support

When a pre-recorded video doesn’t help you troubleshoot, opt for live video support to establish a one-to-one link with your clients. A live video chat gives your customer care executive a face and a name and helps her make a customer in any part of the world feel unique. The real-time resolution of issues via video chat is the most significant benefit of live video support.

Online Screen Recording

With apps such as Screenjar, you can let the customers record their screens without any installations and browser extensions. This allows them to record their screen in their own time and explain the problem they are facing. In case of a customer query, the dashboard and Chrome extension of the app helps generate a video request link that can be shared with the customer. The video link can be further communicated with the product team for resolution. 

4. Enhance Efficiency with Video Analytics

Take your customer support to the next level by way of video integration and video analytics. Let’s tell you briefly about how video CRM integration and video analytics tools go a long way to create leaner and more efficient customer support.

CRM Integration

Build videos into your customer relationship management (CRM) system or customer support software (CSS) to get users to resolve issues easily. You can use support responses to create videos tied to customer care records and share them further with other customers. 

Video Analytics

Tap into the power of video analytics to gain meaningful insights, such as user counts and repeated views. Video analytics help you build efficiency by reviewing what has worked for customers and what hasn’t and creating improved videos in future. 

5. Create Training Tools for Customer Service Team 

Lastly, videos can benefit customers and your teams by helping them simplify and grasp complex subjects. Training videos are a great form of technical documentation. They can be particularly useful to onboard new hires and even help seasoned team members to revise and brush up their skills. A quick go-to reference, videos are just what your team needs to answer even the most complicated questions. 

Say thanks with a video!

Videos are the next frontier of customer support and are essential to client interaction. From initiating an exchange to finally closing a feedback loop with a thank you message, a video makes the whole customer experience rich, more interactive, and memorable. Go ahead and use more videos to improve your customer support and quality of service; you can thank us later (with a video)!

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