“It doesn't work”

- a customer contacting support

What exactly isn't working? Which browser is the customer using? Is it a technical error or is the interface causing confusion?

Diagnosing tricky support issues is frustrating & time consuming for everyone involved

Get the information you need and give customers a better experience by making it easy for them to show you exactly what's up

Send them a unique screen recording request link that they can use in their own time

No downloads or extensions required See a live demo

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I'm having trouble creating a new project. When I click on the "create new project" button, the screen just flashes white
That shouldn't be happening! Do you mind doing a quick screen recording to make sure I'm understanding the problem correctly? https://screenjar.com/s/0f5gkfc7/
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Thank you! That's definitely a bug and I'm passing it on to our product team. In the meantime, can you try creating a project from the footer menu and let me know if it works?
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You're notified when they're done recording and the video is saved for you to review at the same unique link you sent them

It's an ideal way to understand complex support issues without having to set up video calls

Ready for a better way to diagnose support issues?

Screenjar currently works for recording desktop & laptop screens from Chrome, Firefox, Edge. There's also very limited support for Safari, which will improve in the future.

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