Let customers record their screens for you without having to download/install anything

Diagnose customer support issues more effectively with links that let customers easily send you videos of their screens


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Send your first screen recording request in 60 seconds

Skip the back-and-forth

Instead of making customers explain tricky support issues with text or on a live call, give them the option send you a quick screen recording in their own time

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It's hard to explain, but I'll try
If it's easier, you can send us a quick screen recording with this link https://screenjar.com/s/837d51d2/
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Thank you! That's a bug and I've passed it on to our product team. Can you try creating a project from the footer menu and let me know if that works?
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Fits into your workflow

Whether you use email or live chat to talk with customers, you can start requesting screen recordings with Screenjar without changing your current workflow

Easy for your customers

Customers don't have to download/install anything or create an account record their screens for your with Screenjar

Private & secure

Only you and teammates you invite to your Screenjar account can see the videos customers record for you.

Start letting customers easily share screen recordings with you today