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Make it ridiculously easy for customers to send you video recordings of their screen. No download/install required.

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How it works

1. Ask your customer to record their screen

When a customer contacts you with an issue they're struggling to explain, generate a video request link with our Chrome extension or from the Screenjar dashboard and share it with the customer

2. Your customer records their screen

They can do it in their own time and don't have to download or install anything

3. The video is saved for you to review

You're notified by email and you can watch the video from the same unique link that it was recorded from

4. Optionally share the video with your team

If you need to involve the product team, you can easily share the recording with them

"Screenjar makes it so much easier for us to help our customers and resolve more complex cases quicker. It really improved our processes and it’s really easy to use for both us and the customer."

Joanna Jewell - Customer Success Manager

A better experience for your customers

Giving customers the option to record their issue rather than try explain it by text makes their life easier

Better collaboration with your product team

Communicating a support issue to your product team is much easier when you have a video of it from the customer's perspective

Less back-and-forth

Tricky support issues that would normally take hours of back-and-forth messages or a Zoom call to diagnose can be communicated easily with short video clips

Super easy to get started

There's no big integration process or steep learning curve

Start using Screenjar to improve your customer support workflow today